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CBD Calming Créme Review!

Fingerboard Farm's CBD Calming Créme inspires feelings of tranquility and relaxation. Apply to the skin, assist your body in taking a deep breath, and achieve that elusive feeling of wakeful calm.  

Hear it from our customers: 


Fingerboard Farm CBD Calming Creme relieved my 90-year-old husband's severe low back pain enough that he is again able to play 18 holes of golf three times a week. Life-changing!

Great for Rosacea

I love the Calming Creme -- great ingredients for soothing the redness in my skin. I've seen a decrease in the bumps and smoother texture. I love the smell, and it glides on effortlessly. Also, the product goes a long way. Great results.

You Can Feel the Quality

This creme is amazing. The texture is whipped and fluffy. It absorbs into the skin quickly with no greasy residue and leaves your skin feeling amazingly soft. I used it for a pulled shoulder muscle and the pain melted away in minutes! This is a truly fantastic product and a need for skincare! 

Amazing Results!!!

I had pain in my arm due to my booster shot. As my arm felt heavier and continued to hurt, I thought, let me try the calming creme! Less than 10 minutes later, my arm felt utterly ordinary again! Yes, I was surprised because the pain was from a shot, and it worked. This creme is fantastic for many things! Thank you!!!!

The Product Was Beyond Expectations 

The cream is very calming and delicate. Well worth the price!!

Calming Creme

How to use CBD Calming Creme

Due to the transdermal delivery system, our CBD Calming Créme works best with direct contact with the largest possible skin area. It also needs to be as close to the painful area as possible. 

Typical application areas for CBD Calming Créme

  • Inside of the wrists
  • Back of the neck
  • Lower back
  • Lower thigh, behind the knee
  • Inside of the bicep
  • Shoulder
  • Inside of the ankle 

We hope this helps you purchase Fingerboard Farm CBD Calming Créme CBD with ease! Contact us today for assistance to find the best products to help you feel your best.

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