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Hemp Sugar Scrub Guide!

Hemp sugar scrubs pack a much bigger punch to your skincare routine than just adding a wonderful scent to your skin or shower and softer skin. Learn all about our new Gardenia Hemp Sugar Scrub! Let's do a deep dive into sugar scrubs, their benefits, how to use them, and our best sugar scrubs to add to your skincare routine.


Our skin naturally sheds dead skin cells every 30 days or so. Sometimes the cells don't shed completely, resulting in dry, flaky patches and clogged pores. A hemp sugar scrub is a skincare product used to mechanically exfoliate dead skin cell buildup from the surface of your skin. They are formulated with sugar as the main ingredient for gentle yet effective exfoliation. The sugar is mixed with different oils to provide a lubricant for the sugar and moisturize your skin. This type can leave you feeling oily, and your tub can be left looking like an oil slick. The other way is to emulsify or whip the scrub. We add additional plant-based ingredients to our sugar scrubs to keep sugar suspended throughout the oil. No stirring is needed! This type of scrub feels much thick and creamy. Whipped sugar scrubs will leave you feeling like you just put on lotion!

Let's face it, we all deserve a spa day! We can't all get out and enjoy the whole spa experience right now, but that shouldn't stop us from feeling our best inside and out. Turn your sink or shower into a garden of gardenia as you hydrate your skin, slough dead skin cells, and reveal your skin's natural glow! Fingerboard Farm formulated this product using our dry hemp flower. Exfoliation is an essential component of maintenance, so we went ahead and made it as luxurious as possible. It keeps your skin silky smooth and turns around dry cracked hands in one use! 


  • Skin Rashes
  • Prevent or Treat Ingrown Hairs
  • Dull Skin
  • Dry Patches
  • Runner's Heel
  • Anti-Aging


Gardenia Essential Oil, Granulated Sugar, Hemp Infused Organic Coconut MCT Oil, Turbinado Cane Sugar, Dried Hemp Leaves. 

It comes in a 10 oz Mason Jar

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