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Explore a diverse array of premium cannabis seedlings available at Fingerboard Farm. Our selection of cannabis plants offers a rich variety to suit every preference and need. Discover your ideal strain and embark on your cannabis cultivation journey with us.

Plants are available for pickup at the end of February 2024. Limited inventory! Shipping not available. Our Cannabis Sativa Feminized Plant is considered hemp and is THC-free until it flowers. With your love and diligent care, this magnificent plant will flourish and begin to flower, unleashing its full potential, at your home. 

Please note, the photos listed are examples only and not the actual plants you will be purchasing. 

Seedlings started from seed on our farm. Strains to come. 

Here are some key features of our Cannabis Sativa Feminized Plant:
1. Home Grown buds: Need I say more?
2. High-Quality Genetics: Our plants are sourced from trusted breeders to guarantee top-notch quality.
3. Natural Beauty: Adorn your living space and yard with a stunning and visually appealing plant.
4. Aromatic: Experience delightful scents as the plant matures and flowers.
5. Home-Grown Delight: Cultivate and nurture this plant in the comfort of your own home.

Remember, your Cannabis Sativa Feminized Plant will require proper care, including appropriate lighting, watering, and healthy soil. By providing a nurturing environment, you can witness the gradual development of a beautiful, thriving plant. We recommend our Fingerboard Farm living soil and bag for all cannabis sativa plants. Learn more here.

Come by the farm to pick your Cannabis Sativa Feminized Plant and embark on a rewarding journey of plant care and appreciation. Always follow your state's guidelines to ensure compliance with local laws, making this a delightful and responsible addition to your home garden. 

However, we must emphasize the importance of adhering to your state's guidelines and laws regarding Cannabis cultivation. Please ensure you are familiar with and comply with all local regulations to enjoy your Cannabis Sativa Feminized Plant responsibly and legally. If you live in Maryland, learn more about adult use here.