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Frederick fresh online

At Fingerboard Farm we provide an extensive range of farm-fresh goods that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. From vegetables and fruits to meat and dairy products, this collection has everything you need to fill your pantry and fridge.

Fingerboard Farm is a women-owned and operated farm that believes in the concept of farm-to-table, which means that all the produce is grown, harvested, and delivered fresh to your door. All the products are 100% organic and free from any chemicals or pesticides, ensuring that you get the best quality product that is not only delicious but also good for your health.

Farm Fresh Produce Straight From the Heart of Frederick, MD

We have collaborated  to bring you an unparalleled shopping experience.  

With the Fingerboard Farm collection, you can find everything you need to create healthy and tasty meals for yourself and your loved ones. From farm-fresh food and drink to, CBD products, you can find a wide range of fresh and delicious products that will help you stay healthy and nourished.

Local, Sustainable Produce from Frederick, MD

Fingerboard Farm is proud to offer a collection of farm-fresh produce sourced directly from local farms in Frederick, MD. Our commitment to sustainability and supporting local growers ensures that our customers receive the freshest and healthiest produce possible.

Our product selection includes a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables grown using sustainable farming practices. Our farmers use natural fertilizers and pest control methods to ensure the health of the soil and the plants, resulting in produce that is not only delicious but also full of nutrients.

Explore Our Collection of Farm Fresh Produce

Whether you are looking for leafy greens, chaga tea, or healing mushrooms, our Farm Fresh collection has something for everyone. Our produce is hand-picked and carefully packed to ensure maximum freshness and quality.

We are proud to be part of the Frederick community and to contribute to the health and sustainability of our region. Shop our Farm Fresh collection today and experience the difference that locally-grown produce can make in your life.