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CBD Full-Spectrum Pain-Relief Suppositories
100mg CBD Full-Spectrum (Pain-Relief) Suppositories
100mg CBD Full-Spectrum Suppositories
Certificate of Analysis CBD Full-Spectrum Suppositories

100mg CBD Full-Spectrum Menstrual Cramp (Pain-Relief) Suppositories

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Find relief from pelvic and menstrual discomfort with Fingerboard Farm's CBD suppositories! 

100 mg of CBD in every dose

Experience powerful plant-based medicine to relieve pain and ease inflammation with these Coconut Suppositories and ovules. These small, easy-to-insert suppositories melt and absorb to target discomfort associated with menstrual cycles & pelvic floor conditions, and GI issues, so you finally find all-natural relief. 

Potential benefits: 

  • Cramp relief
  • Endometriosis relief
  • Ease Crohn's symptoms
  • GI issues
  • Decreased symptoms of dyspareunia
  • Reduced pain from pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Menopause relief

What are CBD Suppositories? What are Farm Market CBD Suppositories are small round or cone-shaped medications inserted into the vagina, anus, or urethra? Once inside, the medication melts or dissolves and absorbs by the body. Inserting CBD vaginally or anally allows for more targeted relief than oral ingestion of these ingredients can provide. It takes suppositories about 15 to 20 minutes to fully melt and absorb into the body. 

How often should you use them, and at what dosage? It varies! If you’re using them for period pain relief or menopause relief, use them when that pain sprouts up or before to be ahead of it!.

Ingredients: Made from full-spectrum CBD combined with MCT coconut oil mixed with Shea and Cocoa butter. Try this simple, incredibly effective, fast-acting method of symptom relief.  

Quantity: 4 Pack

Customer Reviews

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If you have painful menstrual cramps these suppositories are a GIFT. No more handfuls of extra strength over the counter medicine, I feel so much better about using these natural suppositories. Will be ordering more!