All Mixed Up Delta 8 Gummies Review

All mixed up delta8 gummies

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Elevate your relaxation and comfort to a new level with Fingerboard Farm's delicious mix of Passion Fruit, Strawberry Cream, Fruit Punch, Peach, and Cherry Delta-8 gummies! Enjoy peace of mind with a potent 25mg serving of premium Delta-8 THC per gummy in our All Mixed Up Delta-8 Gummies

Fingerboard Farm's, All Mixed Up Delta-8 Gummies give you the benefits of euphoric sleep, relaxation, pain relief, and giggles! The floaty, uplifting sensation helps promote a mellow, calm, and relaxed state of mind. As a psychoactive substance, Delta-8 can get you high. However, this high will not be as intense as the regular THC variant. The whole experience is very smooth. 

Count: 25 pieces, 25 mg Delta-8 per gummy
Warning: This May cause drowsiness. Do not operate heavy machinery while using this product. 

Here it from our customers: 

"Very relaxing! Aches and pains melt away, and a feeling of relaxation begins. They are lovely during the day and for good sleeping at night!" — Donna S. 

"Calming Take 1/2 about 30 minutes before bed and sleep great!" —Ken

What is Delta-8? Delta-8 isn't the same kind of high as conventional marijuana. Because the Farm Bill stated that cannabis with less than 0.3% THC is technically considered hemp, the Delta-8 high is much less intense than its older sibling, Delta-9.  


+ MAY DECREASE PAIN | Delta-8 binds to the pain-regulating receptors in the body with potential analgesic properties.

+ SUPPORTS RELAXATION | Delta-8 provides a mild high that is as uplifting as it is relaxing for a quiet mind and an energetic body.

+ MAY IMPROVE SLEEP | Delta-8 can help relax you without a high that leaves you slammed in the morning.

MAY IMPROVE APPETITE + DIGESTION | Delta-8 helps fight everyday nausea and indigestion. 

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