Fingerboard Farm: Your Source for Premium Wholesale CBD Products


Fingerboard Farm, your trusted source for premium Organic hemp flower, CBD edibles, oils, topicals, concentrates, and beverages. We supply Maryland Medical and Recreational Dispensaries with compliant third-party tested products. As an organic hemp farm specializing in solvent-less and full-extract cannabidiol extraction as well as craft formulation, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality products that cater to the needs and preferences of your valued patients.


 Here's what sets Fingerboard Farm apart:

 1. CBD Flower: Experience the goodness of our organically and regeneratively grown CBD and CBG flower, packed with cannabinoids and terpenes, delivering an exceptional experience for your customers.

2. Tinctures: Our CBD tinctures offer precise and consistent CBD doses, perfect for daytime or nighttime use. They are a convenient and effective addition to your customers' daily routines.

3. Edibles: Delight your customers with our popular CBD Watermelon gummies, compliant and delicious.

4. Topicals: Pamper your customers with our soothing CBD calming creme and indulge them in the luxury of our famous CBD bubble hash-infused bath salts. Carefully crafted to meet regulatory requirements while providing an indulgent experience.

5. Pre-Rolls: Enjoy the convenience of our pre-rolls made from premium CBD and CBG flower. They're a ready-to-enjoy option for your customers to savor.

6. CBD Coffee: Enjoy 20mg of CBD per serving in our rich chicory coffee. Available in coffee pods or 1/2 pound bags. An excellent choice for those who love their coffee, but want to cut down on the caffeine jitters and focus on their day. This coffee has also undergone extensive testing and has passed and included in the Maryland Metrc Tracking System. It is certified free of all heavy metals, microbials, and all toxins.

7. Additional Products: Explore our diverse range of CBD suppositories, bath salts, CBD FECO (full extract cannabis oil), CBD-infused tea, kombucha, and more. We cater to a wide range of preferences and needs.

At Fingerboard Farm, we take pride in our commitment to organic regenerative farming practices. Our CBD and CBG flower are meticulously cultivated in Frederick, MD, using sustainable methods. We ensure top quality while minimizing our environmental impact.

We invite you and your team to experience Fingerboard Farm firsthand. Join us for a guided tour of our farm, where you can witness our dedication to organic regenerative farming and learn more about our cultivation processes. This experience exemplifies our commitment to transparency and building strong relationships with our partners.

Our popular private consumption garden patio parties have been a wonderful experience for teams as well as patients.

Let's explore partnership opportunities and address any questions you may have. Feel free to reach out to us directly at 833-643-HEMP Dawn@FingerboardFarm.Market, Carolyn@FingerboardFarm.Market, or complete the form below to place your order.