CBD Bath Salts: Superior Relaxation for Tired Muscles

Fingerboard Farm’s CBD Bath Salts are a simple, luxurious addition to complete the ultimate self-care routine! Each single use bag contains 50 mg of CBD Bubble Hash that has been meticulously extracted from farm-grown plants using solventless extraction techniques to capture one of the purest forms of cannabinoids available. CBD is combined with Medium-Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Coconut Oil to bind with the cannabinoids to help ensure bioavailability across the skin barrier and is scented with soothing peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils. Epsom and Himalayan salts provide magnesium sulfate and potassium that are absorbed through the skin for a wide range of potential health benefits including better sleep, stress management, muscle soreness and muscle recovery, reduced pain and inflammation, and detoxification. CBD Bubble Hash provides additional anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and anti-insomnia benefits without any intoxicating effects.

Fingerboard Farm’s CBD Bath Salt Uses and Benefits

Soaking in a warm bath with Fingerboard Farm’s CBD Bath Salts promotes relief from muscle pain, encourages healthy detoxification, supports better sleep and a better mood, and leaves your skin feeling so soft and hydrated! Users report feeling relief from joint and nerve pain, reduction in migraine severity and frequency, and improved quality of sleep. Fingerboard staff also enjoy using CBD Bath Salts for relief from muscle cramping and pain associated with Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, and arthritis.

Empty the contents of one whole bag to a warm bath or add the contents to a smaller basin of warm water to use as a foot soak. Soak for a minimum of 15-minutes and drain the bath as normal when finished. Please exercise extreme caution when exiting the bath as it may be slippery!

What is CBD Bubble Hash?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound in our farm-grown hemp plants, carefully and lovingly extracted without the use of harsh solvents. By combining CBD with MCT coconut oil, the compound is able to pass through the skin to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system to promote homeostasis, reduce inflammation, promote wound healing, reduce skin itching, and relieve symptoms of pain, stress, anxiety and more!

What is Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt has been used therapeutically since its discovery in the seventeenth century. Epsom has been used for centuries to treat many ailments including muscle pain and tension, insomnia, constipation, and anxiety. It is made up of magnesium sulfate. Magnesium is an essential mineral in the body. It plays a vital role in protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation. It is required for energy production, bone development, and is involved in maintaining a normal heart rhythm. Magnesium may be consumed in the diet in the form of leafy greens, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. However, high processing of grains, nutrient-stripped soil, and the ability of the body to only absorb a percentage of magnesium consumed in the diet has resulted in magnesium deficiencies in many people. Those who consume alcohol or use certain medications are at an increased risk of magnesium deficiency. Supplementing with transdermal magnesium may allow the body to absorb the essential minerals while bypassing the digestive system, which may increase the direct benefits of magnesium to sore muscles and dry, irritated skin while minimizing or eliminating the potential side-effects associated with oral magnesium supplements. Fingerboard Farm’s CBD Bath Salt contains the perfect blend of ingredients to provide maximum relief in each convenient, luxurious, and supremely enjoyable experience!

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