CBD for Athletes

It is 2022, and we can all agree that adding CBD to your morning routine will leave you reaping a whole host of health and wellness benefits! There's one benefit of CBD that you may not have considered, and that's its impact on your workout routine! That's right, CBD offers several physiological, biochemical, and psychological effects that have the potential to benefit athletes. Join us to explain how using Fingerboard Farm products before or after a workout can positively impact your fitness.

Reduce Inflammation

In a 2017 review, it states CBD may be helpful for reducing inflammation. CBD reduces inflammation by affecting activity in the body’s endocannabinoid receptors. Our Morning Magic CBD Oil is perfect pre and post-workout! Our blend of CBD and the legal amount of THC gives the full entourage effect. Start off small with dosing, a few drops, and work up as needed, this packs a powerful punch. 

Watermelon Gummies FBF


Many athletes may find themselves getting stressed out before a workout or event. As stress can impact performance adversely, CBD could be an option for mitigation.

Fingerboard Farm's Watermelon Gummies pack a powerful punch and may assist in improving general wellness. Sweet and tasty with 25 mg of CBD in each piece! Great for evoking motivation and harnessing creativity. Perfect before and after your workout to help you feel your best! 


Mignight Magic Sleep Oil

Sleeping Aid

Sleep is essential for optimal health and a killer workout! If you're the type to pack your gym bag and layout your activewear the night before, you're in luck. CBD can easily be incorporated into your bedtime routine and work its magic when you wake up ready for your workout the following morning. 

Midnight Magic CBD Oil helps with pain reduction, stress, inflammation, reduces anxiety, and helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. Our new blend is packed full of CBD, hemp seed oil, and the legal amount of THC (0.3%) to give the full entourage effect.

Top reasons to use CBD to boost athletic performance:

  • As a Sleeping Aid
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Pain Relief
  • Decreased Nausea
  • Reduction of Muscle Spasms
  • Increased Appetite 

CBD is an incredible tool to help your feel your best before and after a workout. Would you like to try Fingerboard Farm's Prestige CBD line but aren’t sure which products are best for you? We want to hear from you! Please call us during normal business hours with any questions at (833) 643-HEMP or send us a message anytime! 

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