Cherry S1, The Uplifting Hybrid CBD Strain You Shouldn’t Miss

Cherry S1 is the beautiful product of The Wife, a classic, hybrid CBD-rich strain, and Charlotte’s Cherries, a rare Sativa-dominant CBD-rich strain. The resulting Cherry S1 is a sweet-tasting, soothing, and uplifting strain that is perfect for any time of day. Cherry S1’s bright pea-green colored buds, sporting deep orange hairs, give off a sweet, earthy, slightly fruity aroma, and the taste is a complex mixture of a warming woody, peppery spice with a sweet dark cherry finish.

Terpene Profile and Uses

Test results for Cherry S1 indicate high levels of trans-Caryophellene, the terpene found in many herbs and spices such as black pepper, oregano, cloves, and cinnamon, which lend to the peppery smell and taste of the flower. This terpene has been linked to a wide variety of health-promoting properties and has been proven useful for relieving pain and inflammation.

Cherry S1 also contains a moderate amount of beta-Myrcene, one of the most abundant terpenes often associated with its relaxing and sedating effects. Myrcene is also found in thyme, mango, and hops. Myrcene has been reported to also have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. 

Is Cherry S1 Right for Me?

With THC levels testing well-below the legal requirements for hemp and CBD levels testing at over 7.9%, users of this strain may experience powerful therapeutic benefits without any unwanted cerebral effects. This strain may be perfect for anyone seeking daytime relief from pain, muscle tension, and stress without intoxicating or heavy sedating effects. It is no surprise that it has quickly become a staff favorite for its mood-lifting, pain-relieving properties that allow for increased focus, attention, and creativity for getting through the day!

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