Meet The Magician Behind Our Success: Justin Nussbaum, Fingerboard Farm's Maestro of Extraction

Celebrating Justin Nussbaum: The Heart of Fingerboard Farm's Exceptional Quality

Meet Justin Nussbaum, our esteemed Director of Extraction and Formulation, who embodies a relentless dedication to transforming the fruits of our farm into pure, potent magic.

A true advocate of the land, Justin doesn't just process hemp; he breathes life into it.

The cultivation of the hemp we distinctly admire is carefully nurtured under Justin's meticulous care. He's been an invaluable asset to our constellation at Fingerboard Farm, providing countless seasons of unparalleled dedication, vision, and expertise.

Justin is a graduate from Hood College, renowned for his degree in Mathematics, and proudly calls Frederick his home. He perches in the bandwidth where science, nature, and artistry flutter in perfect harmony- a trifecta that's not easy to achieve but is effortlessly reflected in the remarkable potency and purity of our products.

Yet, Justin's magic extends well beyond his innovative work at our farm. When he isn't orchestrating symphonies of extraction and formulation on our precious hemp fields, he's actively manifesting a different type of sorcery - magic shows! From delicate card tricks to awe-inspiring illusions, his performances have brought smiles to the faces of our staff and clients alike.

Justin's proficiency doesn't stop at pulling rabbits out of hats or delighting our team with jaw-dropping card tricks. His real miracle? Conjuring a revolutionary leap in our product line with his solventless cold-water hash extraction techniques.

His unique alchemy has maximized the efficacy of our products, propelling them to astounding new heights. He's reshaped not just our line-up but also the industry's perspective on what hemp-infused creations can truly become.

Every day at Fingerboard Farm, we witness this dynamic blend of creativity, innovation, and dedication in Justin's work. We’re thankful for his commitment to our vision, his unwaning passion, and the spark of magic he brings into our family. We've partnered pledging our trust in quality, and with Justin around, we know that's a promise we will continue to keep.

Here's to many more magical transformations and successes with Justin at Fingerboard Farm!

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