Should Cannabis Suppositories Be Part of Your Routine?

As Reported By: Andrea Mehar, Reveal Cannabis
If you’re like most people, the word suppositories make your nose crinkle a bit. After all, who wants to talk about putting things… IN THERE? Well, hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll want to!

When I first learned about the benefits of cannabis suppositories, I have to admit I got a bit overzealous. I made several dozen of them and then happily delivered them door-to-door in my little town to all the women in my Women’s Cannabis Club.

I’m pretty sure no one knew what to make of me at the time, but for those brave ladies who tried it, they were hooked. They said they were sleeping better, having great sex, and experiencing less period pain and cramps.

Now, a bunch of us in town make suppositories. And while it’s a bit weird to explain to new people when they come over what those little things are on the top shelf of my fridge, I consider it a teaching moment each time and send home guests with little suppository containers.

Yup, I’m that person.

What are cannabis suppositories?

They’re round, cone, or bullet-shaped doses of medicine that you can use rectally or vaginally. However, they’re special because they’ve been infused with THC, CBD, or both. Usually, they’re made with coconut oil, cacao butter or another oil that hardens when cooled.

Why are cannabis suppositories amazing?

Again, suppositories aren’t most people’s first choice of medicine when considering cannabis, but here’s why I think they’re pretty rad.


  1. You can take more THC via a suppository than any other method. This is great for people who need a lot of THC but can’t handle the severe intoxication that can come with heroic dosing. Although I can’t give you an exact percentage, most people can take significantly more THC in a suppository without feeling super high, unsteady, or out of it.

  2. You get the medicine where you need it. Getting targeted medicine where you need it is a godsend for those suffering from abdominal pain, pelvic pain, IBS, or other bowel issues. Many women will insert a suppository each morning during their period to quell the cramping and pain that comes each month.

  3. The effects come on pretty quickly. Unlike eating a cannabis edible, which can take 3-4 hours to feel full, you can experience the proper suppository dose within about 20 minutes. You can expect to feel relief from a cannabis suppository for 4-6 hours.

  4. They are AMAZING for sex for a few reasons. First, they make an excellent lubricant. However, be careful with coconut oil suppositories because the oil can break down the latex in condoms. Secondly, they increase blood flow to the area, making everything feel more intense. And finally, they can help with vaginal pain and inflammation. Many women can have pain-free sex for the first time after trying one of these lovelies!


Andrea Meharg is a Certified Cannabis Coach and Educator and the founder and CEO of Reveal Cannabis, a cannabis education agency. Andrea holds a B.A. in Psychology and Spanish, a Bachelor of Education, and is a Google Certified Educator. She is passionate about using education to help others lead happier, healthier lives through cannabis, having personally experienced its life-changing benefits. In addition to being the Head Science Educator at the Cannabis Coaching Institute (CCI), Andrea is the founder of the Parkhill Women’s Cannabis Club, a YouTube content creator, and the driving force behind “The Certified Cannabis Educator Program” that helps others teach about cannabis.

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