Dawn Gordon and the Fingerboard Farm team are thrilled to be recognized as one of Frederick County's Top 50 Innovative Businesses in 2022 for their research and development of organic hemp cultivation and CBD solventless extraction methods. Our wellness products have been formulated from hemp flower that’s been organically grown on the farm and all third party lab tested. We provided many agricultural workshops and welcomed our customers to explore our hemp farm from seed to sale.

"Five years of research and development in hemp cultivation and solventless extraction has come so far! Thank you to Boulder Creek Technologies for your huge role in this and the future of Vapor Static Extraction for our farm!" – FarmHer Dawn Gordon, CEO at Fingerboard Farm

Fingerboard Farm also expanded by adding a physical storefront "The Well House" onto the property to better meet the needs of customers. 

"2023 will bring new CBG products created from our farm’s organically grown flower. Along with smokable flower, we have a freezer filled with fresh frozen goodness. Team member, Justin Nussbaum, will be cold water extracting the first week of January in preparation for our own new solventless vape line. Exciting times ahead, keeping all the positive vibes going for Adult Use Licenses for Fingerboard Farm Market!"

Fingerboard Farm is gearing up to make 2023 the best year yet! Read what valued customers have been saying about their wellness products.

CBD Oils




All Mixed Up


CBD Calming Cream



Happy Healthy New Year!

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