FECO: Full Extract Cannabis Oil

 What is FECO?

FECO, or Full-Spectrum Extract Cannabis Oil, is a thick, dark oil conveniently packaged in a small syringe making dosing simple and mess-free. “Full-Spectrum” extracts contain all the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the cannabis plant but concentrated to pack a powerful healing punch. FECO is the most efficient method of cannabis consumption when it comes to health benefits as all parts of the plant including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and phytonutrients are utilized. The components work synergistically in what is often referred to as the entourage effect to activate the body’s endocannabinoid system and promote homeostasis. In other words, the components complement each other to produce superior therapeutic effects than CBD oils or the other components could alone!

What are the benefits of FECO?

This concentrated, whole-plant extract is often used for pain relief, alleviating depression and anxiety, minimizing the effects of stress, and promoting calm focus. Studies have also shown evidence of the benefits of FECO for treating the symptoms caused by many other conditions such as cancer and cancer treatments, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, Crohn’s Disease, insomnia, epilepsy, acne, and arthritis. Research has even shown FECO’s potential for neuroprotection and heart health!


How Should I Consume FECO?

FECO is taken by mouth, either consumed orally or taken sublingually. FECO is highly concentrated and only a small dose—approximately the size of a grain of rice—is needed to experience the benefits. Fat-soluble substances such as FECO can be more fully absorbed and utilized by the body when consumed with a high-fat meal or snack. Consuming FECO with something such as your preferred nut butter, full-fat Greek yoghurt, or coconut oil increases its bioavailability and allows your body to use more while requiring a smaller dose, thereby increasing the “bang for your buck!” While some consumers embrace the strong plant taste and prefer to take it on or under the tongue, others prefer to dispense their rice-sized dose onto something delicious to complement the taste. Fingerboard staff love dispensing theirs onto a yummy square of dark chocolate or on a nutritious serving of avocado and hemp hearts on toast!

FECO is absorbed and processed by the digestive system similar to other edible cannabis products. Effects could take up to 1-2 hours depending on individual metabolism, so it is recommended that new consumers begin with a half of a grain of rice-sized dose and wait at least one hour to monitor their own mind and body experience before consuming more. Testing results show Fingerboard Farm’s FECO contains over 55% CBD from organically grown hemp, making it ideal for those seeking the most powerful healing benefits without the mind-altering psychoactive effects of similar products, often very high in THC.

Is FECO the same as RSO?

RSO or Rick Simpson Oil is similar in composition to FECO. The difference lies in how the two products are prepared. Unlike RSO which is sometimes produced with the use of potentially harmful and hazardous substances, Fingerboard Farm’s FECO is processed in-house using a grain alcohol which is then removed during the distillation process, leaving behind only the powerful cannabinoids, terpenes, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and other nutrients that are desired and none of the harmful substances left by other extraction methods.

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