Superwoman S1 - Uplifting CBD Hemp Flower
CBD Hemp Flower
CBD Hemp Flower
Superwoman S1 - Uplifting CBD Hemp Flower

Superwoman S1 - Uplifting CBD Hemp Flower

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Elevate your senses with Superwoman S1, a captivating hybrid strain that entices with its aromatic blend of grenadine-covered cherries and subtle parmesan cheese notes.

These enchanting buds present a visual masterpiece, boasting a complex spectrum of greens woven together with delicate to deep orange pistils. But that's just the beginning.

Experience the Uplift:
Superwoman S1 is meticulously crafted for its unique ability to elevate energy levels and uplift spirits. With every inhale, you'll embark on a journey of invigoration and inspiration, leaving you ready to conquer your day.

Versatile Potential:
As a side note, Superwoman S1 is not only an exceptional smoking experience but also a fantastic choice for creating medicated cannabis butter. It's a versatile strain that can elevate both your recreational and culinary pursuits.

Discover the Lineage:
Superwoman S1 is the result of the union between two iconic parent strains – Superwoman and Superwoman, ensuring a unique and delightful experience.

Unlock the Numbers:
- Total CBD: 10.84%
- Total CBDa: 11.92%
- Terpenes Profile: Beta-Myrcene (0.785%), Trans-Caryophyllene (0.315%), Alpha-Pinene (0.243%)
- Cannabinoid Profile: CBD Dominant Hybrid

Share Your Journey:
If you've had the pleasure of experiencing Superwoman S1 before, we invite you to share your insights by leaving a review. Your valuable feedback helps us continue to provide exceptional products and experiences for our cherished customers.

Elevate your moments with Superwoman S1, a strain that offers both a visual and sensory masterpiece. Experience the unique fusion of flavors, scents, and effects that make this hybrid truly exceptional. Try Superwoman S1 today and let it empower your day with its uplifting spirit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Barry Morton
Smooth and good feeling.

Great feeling for anxiety and sleep. Small amount gets it done.

C Phillips
Relaxing and Painkilling

The Superwoman CBD has been a gamechanger for me. It relieved my insomnia, pain, and nausea. A must try!

Melissa H
Super Leafy with minty chlorophyll taste. Relaxing and Painkilling.

I tried several varieties from Fingerboard Farm and the Superwoman was sadly no great hit. It was extremely leafy, almost like it wasn't trimmed at all and the buds were underdeveloped and had a lot of stem and even some seeds. The actual bud was pleasantly sticky which made me wish to see this nugs true potential. The taste wasn't super powerful nor lingering and tasted like hint of mint but it was over-dominated by chlorophyll. It was good at making me feel relaxed, not a super heavy sleepy feeling which is nice. Good for pain relief, I use it for Musculoskeletal pain.
This could be used for both day or nighttime use. I just wish the bud had been higher quality. It's real 'home grown'.



Jeannett Peters
Natural help

This product was absolutely everything I was looking for in CBD, it's smooth and great flavor. While it also helps calm anxiety and pain from injury, allowing for a better days and restful evenings.