Cannabis Consultation at Fingerboard Farm

As the wave of acceptance for cannabis continues to grow, it becomes more essential to have knowledgeable, experienced professionals guiding the discourse and usage of cannabis. Fingerboard Farm is proud to introduce Patti Ormiston, RN, MS as our Clinical Director - a trained cannabis professional dedicated to ensuring safe and intentional cannabis experiences for our clients.

Why Choose Patti Ormiston?

Nurse Patti takes her role as Clinical Director with serious dedication. Her path to Fingerboard Farm began as a medical cannabis patient seeking the beneficial cannabinoids CBD and CBG over THC. This personal exploration fueled her passion, leading her to obtain a Masters Degree in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.

With an impressive 30+ year nursing career under her belt, Patti has acquired extensive experience in diverse medical specialties such as pediatric seizure and autism disorders, digestive issues in adults, and dementia disorders in seniors. Being a registered Clinical Director with the Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA), she brings an informed perspective to every consultation.

Expert Cannabis Consultation with Nurse Patti

Fingerboard Farm aims to be more than a store; it strives to provide in-depth medical consultations to all interested cannabis consumers. NursePatti offers 30-minute private consultations, with follow-up sessions available to delve deeper into understanding the client's needs and responses to various cannabinoids/CBG and terpenes.

Each session involves:

1. A review of your medical history, paying specific attention to your experience with cannabis.
2. Discussion on your existing medications and potential interactions with cannabis.
3. Education on how cannabis works in the body, and the distinct effects of various cannabis components.
4. Guidance on CBD:THC ratios, dosing, and concentrations.
5. Exploration of the diverse ways to consume cannabis.
6. Development of a plan to incorporate cannabis into your daily routine.

Patti does more than making product recommendations; she supports you in understanding and reaping the medicinal benefits of cannabis. With access to the latest research in medical considerations and a professional network of medical cannabis experts, she is equipped to handle even the most complex needs.

Final Word

At Fingerboard Farm, we also offer an array of CBD and CBG cannabis products, home growing supplies, and educational resources. Under Nurse Patti's leadership, we're committed to educating on the benefits of hemp cannabinoids and offering practical, individual solutions for every client. Book a consultation today, and step into a more informed, beneficial relationship with cannabis.

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