Cannabis Nursing Gains Legitimacy as Official Nursing Specialty

In a milestone decision, the American Nurses Association (ANA) has formally recognized Cannabis Nursing as a nursing specialty.

This designation underscores the growing importance and expertise nurses bring to the field of medical cannabis.

Cannabis nursing focuses on providing evidence-based education and guidance to patients considering cannabis for therapeutic purposes. Nurses with this specialty undergo advanced training to thoroughly understand cannabis science. Patients benefit tremendously from nurses who can navigate complex plant components like CBD, THC, and terpenes and the potential interactions with other medications.

As more states legalize medical and adult-use cannabis, and research continues validating its medicinal properties, it's critical for healthcare providers to feel prepared advising patients. The ANA's recognition addresses this need, establishing cannabis nursing as a legitimate nursing role. It also helps reduce stigma still associated with discussing cannabis clinically.

Here at Fingerboard Farm, we're thrilled the ANA has given formal designation to Cannabis Nursing as an official specialty.

This recognizes the field's growth and nurses' crucial role in the medical cannabis discussion. Since our beginning, we've recognized nursing should play an integral part in cannabis care. That's why we were the first in our area to offer cannabis consultations led by our Clinical Director, Nurse Patti.

As our Hemp Highlights blog discussed, cannabis nursing trains practitioners to provide evidence-based patient education and recommendations. Through advanced study of cannabis science, properties, dosages and interactions, these nurses gain expertise guiding patients. Their knowledge helps reduce stigma and supports informed therapeutic use.

Nurse Patti Ormiston brings over two decades of nursing experience to her role. In addition to her nursing credentials, she holds a Master's Degree in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. Her compassionate guidance and focus on plant-based medicine have helped many patients understand if and how cannabis may help their specific conditions. In private sessions, she takes each client's full medical history into account. Patti discusses conditions of interest, potential cannabinoid combinations tailored to individual needs, and any medication interactions. She also ensures her guidance reflects the constantly evolving research landscape.

Patients can book a private 30-minute consultation with Nurse Patti to get personalized recommendations and have all their questions answered.

Through her whole-patient wellness approach and specialized plant medicine understanding, she empowers clients to decide if and how cannabis may appropriately support their situations. 

To book your consultation with Nurse Patti, simply visit our website. We're proud Fingerboard Farm clients benefit directly from this pioneering specialty through Nurse Patti's services. The ANA's decision supports both patients and healthcare's continuing acceptance of cannabis' therapeutic place. Nursing will remain key to its responsible, research-backed integration and understanding.

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